Great Train Run 2013

Great Train Run Footrace 2013

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“The Great Train Run: A 40km Footrace for Runners and Hikers”

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Route:          About 40km (25 miles) from Independence Square, Bridgetown to Belleplaine, St. Andrew

                   8 Sections of 3.0km to 6.5km each, aid stations (water and energy drinks between each section)

                   Click here for details of each section of the route.

Categories:   FULL - Individual (abt. 40km) – B$35.00

   HALF - Teams of 2 (abt. 18-22km each runner/hiker) – B$60 per team ($30 per runner/hiker)

   QUARTER - Teams of 4 (abt. 8-12km each runner/hiker) – B$100 per team ($25 per runner/hiker)

   EIGHTS - Teams of 8 (abt. 3-6.5km each runner/hiker) – B$160 per team ($20 per runner/hiker)

Start:           5:00am sharp

Registration: Click here.

For more information, email or phone 230-5440 (John Nurse)

Facebook Page

Note: The Colin Hudson Memorial Great Train Hike organized by the Barbados National Trust will be, as usual, open to the general public, free of charge, start at 6:00am and does not require prior registration. Contact the Barbados National Trust for more details.

Persons participating in the Great Train Run should first ensure that they are physically fit to undertake strenuous exercise.

Conditions underfoot along the route may be hazardous and due care should be taken at all times.

Ufukuzo Running Club nor other promoters of the Great Train Run will be held responsible for any accident suffered, injury sustained or loss of property, from any cause whatsoever, by any person using the trail.