Training Runs

This is the Ufukuzo Road Racing Club Sunday morning long run schedule for September and October as of August 28, 2014.

It is designed to optimize performance in the Barbados Midnight Marathon.

If you are planning to attend any of these runs, please contact Eric in advance on or 253-2030

For runs starting at or before 5:30am you must wear a reflective vest or similar gear and a headlamp.

As you will be required to wear or carry some form of light or lamp for the marathon, it is required that you do so on your training runs.

Ufukuzo Road Racing Club

Run Schedule September - October 2014

Date / Start Location or Event / Km (Long/ Medium/Short) / Notes & Comments


6 Race: Customs 5K 

7 National Stadium 26.0Km Midnight Marathon Training

7 Race: Globeathon 5K Run/Walk

9 Belleplaine (Sand Dunes Bar) 10.0Km Moonlight off-road Test Run

14 Graeme Hall, Ministry of Agriculture 16.0Km Midnight Marathon Training

14 Race: Warrens Run for Hope 10K - Formerly called "One Accord 10K"

21 Pool or Gall Hill, St John 26.0 Midnight Marathon Training

21 Race: National Sports Council 5K - Not Yet confirmed

28 Norman Niles Roundabout 29.0 Midnight Marathon Training

28 Race: National Sports Council 5K - Not Yet confirmed


5 River Bay, St. Lucy to Bay St Esplanade 36.0Km Midnight Marathon Training

5 Race: National Sports Council 5K - Not Yet confirmed

5 B'dos National Triathlon Championship Spring Garden Highway

11 Race: BIBA 5K Run/Walk - Not Yet confirmed

12 Bay Street Esplanade 19.0Km Midnight Marathon Training

12 Race: My Lord's Hill Community 5K 

19 Bay Street Esplanade 13.0Km Midnight Marathon Training

26 Bay Street Esplanade 8.0Km Midnight Marathon Training

27 Race: Long Bay Community 5K


1 Barbados Midnight Marathon 42.2 Bay Esplanade to Heywoods & Return

Prepared by: Eric E. Clarke

Ufukuzo Road Racing Club

28 August, 2014