BAR 10K 2020

BAR Individual Trail Mix Time Trial

Thursday 26 March until Thursday 2 April 2020

Like seriously, do this on your own or with one other person

2. If you turn up to do it and see other people about to start wait for a bit to give them a head start

3. Carry water with you

4. Carry your phone on you and put 231-4626 on speed dial. We are close by

5. Track your run on RunGo or Strava, Post to your page and tag @bar_race

6. Get back home as quickly as you can

7. Take your clothes off at the door and take a shower

8. You have Thursday 26 March through Thursday 2 April to get your best time.

9. RunGo Link:

10. Have fun and be safe


For more details follow Barbados Adventure Race on Instagram and Facebook

BAR 10K Team Trail Mix

10K TEAM Trail and Road Run

Saturday, 28 March 2020 at 3:30pm

Start/Finish: PEG Farm

Approximate Route (RunGo)

Team must be TWO MALE AND TWO FEMALE athletes.

Cross country scoring.

Don’t think you’re up for running 10K? Don’t worry, join for a hike along the same route.

Registration is open now. $30.00 per team member

Staying for the barbecue and drinks?

Pay an additional $60.00 per head and eat and drink as much as you can!!!