Hill Challenge 2018 Route Maps

Hill Challenge Hike and Run 2018 Route Maps

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2018 Route

Garmin recording from 2015 (same route):

2015 Map by Eric Clarke

Note that the Section Maps have not yet been updated to reflect the new start/finish location at Barclays Park.

2016 Section 1 (2012 to 2014 this was Section 4)

2016 Section 2 (2012 to 2014 this was Section 1)

2016 Section 3 (2012 to 2014 this was Section 2)

2016 Section 4 (2012 to 2014 this was Section 3)

Persons participating in the Hill Challenge should first ensure that they are physically fit to undertake strenuous exercise.

Conditions underfoot along the route may be hazardous and due care should be taken at all times.

The Organizers, Sponsors, Volunteers nor other promoters of the Hill Challenge will be held responsible for any accident suffered, injury sustained or loss of property, from any cause whatsoever, by any person using the trail.