The below information is provided in good faith and based on the best information available from the organizers.
Check the event website or social media pages or contact the organizers for further information.

Looking for organized activities such as running, hiking, triathlon, gyms, obstacle course racing, road and mountain biking?

Upcoming Races/Events (last updated 19 January 2021 1530)

In view of recent developments, most regular running and hiking events have been cancelled, at least until 31 January.
Barbados Hash House Harriers - cancelled until further notice
Barbados Hiking Association - cancelled until further notice
Trailblazers Hiking Association -  cancelled until further notice
Mountain Goats Trail Running - cancelled until further notice

The latest Directive can be found here.

Joseph Payne Memorial Classic 5K Run/Walk is scheduled for Saturday, 30 January 2021 (CANCELLED)
Colin Hudson Memorial Great Train Hike is scheduled for Sunday, 21 February 2021
BAR 5K Trail Mix Run is scheduled for Saturday, 27 February 2021
Hill Challenge 21K Trail Hike/Run is scheduled for Saturday, 1 May 2021
Run Barbados 2021 is scheduled for the weekend 3-5 December 2021-  Facebook Post

Past Events

8 March 2020 - 3:30pm - RBC/UWI Race for the Kids 5K Run and Walk (Road)

23 February 2020 - 4:15pm Holetown Festival 5K Run (Road)

23 February 2020 - 6:00am Coverly 5K Run/Walk (Road) - RESULTS

22 February 2020 - 3:00pm BAR 5K Mixed Terrain Run (Road and Trail) - RESULTS

22 February 2020 - 4:00pm Guyanese Association of Barbados 5K Run/Walk (Road) - RESULTS

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Hiking:            Barbados Hiking Association Events Calendar 2020 - free hikes, more info on BHA/National Trust Hikes on BajanThings
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                        Trail Blazers Barbados Facebook Group - free hikes
                        Xtreme Hikers Barbados Facebook Page - public hikes are free, private hikes can be arranged for a fee
                        Xtreme Hikers Barbados Instagram
                        Bajan Fusion Facebook Page - various fitness and healthy living related activities (fee)
                        Bajan Fusion Instagram Page

Hashing:         Barbados Hash House Harriers - every Saturday (3:30pm), Bank Holiday (11:00am) and Full Moon (7:00pm)

Obstacles:      Barbados Adventure Race - multiple events throughout the year  - Tune into: The BAR Cast: Android - Apple
                        Barbados Ninja Throwdown

General Info on Barbados:       Bajan Things  (William Burton sharing Bajan History, Folklore, etc.)