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During the year 1992, E.W. Wood Classic Inc. was incorporated with a staff of three (3) as a Specialist in Customized Joinery company.

As Managing Director from inception, this would have afforded me the opportunity of seeing the company unfold from being a mediocre business into a potential organization.

Therefore, widening the scope to include the commercial market (by out-fitting offices from floors to ceilings) and offering consultancy services for those uncertain clients, became part of the vision that would take the business yet to another level.

Hence, from that humble start of operating on approx. 800 sq’ at Church Gap, Hillaby, St. Thomas, Barbados, we are proud to have become an establishment with a unique ability operating currently on approx. 12,000 sq’.

Now, with a full complement of Managers, Supervisors and forty (40) Operatives, we embark not only to provide immaculate products, but to be the best; we are prepared to serve you Beyond Compared.

We specialize in customized Joinery with a strong eye for detail and high end finishes, we manufacture as follows,

§ Kitchen Cabinets § Windows § Doors § Architraves § Moulding § Skirting § Handrails

Mr. Euwart E. Watson

Barbados Yellow Pages

Global Directories Ltd., through its subsidiary Caribbean Publishing Company, is an international directory publisher partnering with independent telephone companies and other companies to fulfill a common need.

Our trademark is to provide high-quality, accurate, feature-rich publications tailored to each local market.

Global Directories Ltd. provides full directory publishing services including sales management and training, ad and page production, database management, IT support, distribution, marketing and billing.

We specialize in tailoring directories to best meet the needs of the market in a high quality, product-rich directory, in print, online and mobile.

Global Directories Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of MediaHouse Limited, a publicly traded company on the Bermuda Stock Exchange. Our company has been publishing directories for over 40 years.

Currently, we employ over 150 people in the Caribbean and publish 15 directories with a distribution of over 1.6 million copies.

Through our subsidiary Caribbean Publishing Company, we have been publishing telephone directories in the Caribbean for over 25 years. We currently maintain permanent offices in six Caribbean countries and have sales agents in an additional six countries.

Other publications produced by MediaHouse Limited include Preview Bermuda (www.previewbermuda.com) the island’s largest tourist magazine, and The Bermuda Sun (www.bermudasun.bm) a twice-weekly newspaper serving the island for over 40 years.

MediaHouse Limited also oversees www.bermuda.com, the most comprehensive website in Bermuda.