Hill Challenge 2016 Invitation

Where in the Hill are you?

The Barbados Hiking Association is pleased to announce that it will be hosting its annual Hill Challenge “To Hill & Back” on Monday, 2nd May2016. “To Hill & Back” is an exciting endurance challenge specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts, seasoned hikers and in general, fit individuals.

Now in its fourth year, the challenge was started by John Nurse, Lew Smith and the Grin & Bear fast hiking group, because, as they said, “They needed a race with hills!”, will cover approximately 13 miles or 21 km over some of the roughest, toughest terrain in Barbados. Starting at Barclays Park, the course will take competitors over an estimated 9 hills including Spa Hill, White Hill, Saddle Back, Springfield and Chalky Mount, with elevation gains of more than 1,000 meters. Enclosed is a Google map of the route. Competitors will have 6 hours to complete the challenge.

We would like to extend an invitation to you and your club to participate in this event. The competition is open to persons 15 years and over. Participation of children under 18 years of age is subjected to the approval by the organizing committee.

The cost of participation is as follows:

Present to April 4 – $30 Bds

April 5 to April 18 – $35 Bds

April 19 to May 1 – $40 Bds

Special rates are extended to members of the Hiking Association:

Present to April 4 – $25

April 5 to April 18 – $30

April 19 to May 1 – $35

Race Day May 2 – $50 Bds for ALL participants !

Last year’s challenge had over 100 participants and was won by regular hiker Renner Yearwood with a record time of 2:25:42. He was closely followed by a Marathon runner, Ralf Luther who did it in a time of 2:26:27 while third place went to Crossfitter Dr. Brian Charles with a time of 2:27:04.

For further information, please contact Sandra Nurse at 230-4583 or Jenny Gonsalves at 230-6572.

We look forward to having you and your members join us and put your fitness skills to the test as we take you to “Hill & Back”.


Sandra Nurse


Barbados Hiking Association

The Barbados Hiking Association is a non-profit organization formed to promote hiking and walking in Barbados. The association also aims to preserve the fast disappearing hiking trails and to acquaint Barbadians and visitors alike to the beauty of the flora and fauna of Barbados.