hc2015 drivers maps

Sagicor Hill Challenge 2015 Hike and Run Drivers Maps

Note: The route is identical, but the Start/Finish has been moved to Barclays Park. The below maps have not yet been updated.

Changes for 2015:

Start/Finish is now on the East Coast Road (just south of Barclays Park). This was formerly Aid Station 3-4 (see below).

Aid Station 1 (Relay from Section 1 to Section 2) is now at Haggatts Old Plantation Yard. This was formerly the Start/Finish (see below).

Aid Station 2 (relay from Section 2 to Section 3) is now at the bottom of Mt. All. This was formerly Aid Station 1-2 (see below).

Aid Station 3 (Relay from Section 3 to Section 4) is now at Frizers. This was formerly Aid Station 2-3 (see below).

2014 Drivers Map to Aid Station 1 2014 Drivers Map to Aid Stations 2 and 3

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Directions to the Start/Finish at

From the North: Mile & A Quarter - Farley Hill - St. Andrew Parish Church

When you get to the main junction in Belleplaine stay on the left, go past the football field (on your right) towards Cattlewash/Bathsheba.

The Start/Finish will be just past Barcays Park on your right.

From the South: Bathsheba - Cattlewash - Barclays Park

The Start/Finish will be just before Barclays Park on your left.

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Persons participating in the Hill Challenge should first ensure that they are physically fit to undertake strenuous exercise.

Conditions underfoot along the route may be hazardous and due care should be taken at all times.

The Organizers, Sponsors, Volunteers nor other promoters of the Hill Challenge will be held responsible for any accident suffered, injury sustained or loss of property, from any cause whatsoever, by any person using the trail.