Training Run 3Feb

Training Run 3 February 2013

Below message from Ufukuzo co-ordinator Eric Clarke:

For those who are planning to run 4 (Half, Team of 2) or 8 (Full, Individual) sections of the race:

Leave Bathsheba 4:45am (based on 6:47 min/Km or about 11 min/mile, start earlier/later depending on your pace)

Arrive Conset Bay 6:00am to meet those doing a shorter run along the trail section only (see below)

1. Park at Bathsheba Community Centre

2. Run From Bathsheba to Conset Bay along the road (11.2 Km)

3. Run the train line from Conset Bay to Cattlewash (9.0 Km)

4. Loop back to Bathsheba Community Centre on along the coast (1.6 Km) or road

(remember to wear a reflective vest/clothing and bring a headlamp/torch)

For those who are planning to run 1 (Eights, Team of 8) or 2 (Quarter, Team of 4) sections of the race:

Leave Conset Bay just after 6:00am

1. Park at Conset Bay but arrange a pickup after you reach Bathsheba or Cattlewash

2. Wait for the runners coming from Cattlewash/Bathsheba

3. Run from Conset Bay to Bathsheba or Cattlewash

4. Get a ride back to Conset Bay (your responsibility)

If you have any questions, please email: or

Route (click on picture for full size):

Parking in Bathsheba (click on picture for full size)

Persons participating in the Great Train Run should first ensure that they are physically fit to undertake strenuous exercise.

Conditions underfoot along the route may be hazardous and due care should be taken at all times.

Ufukuzo Running Club nor other promoters of the Great Train Run will be held responsible for any accident suffered, injury sustained or loss of property, from any cause whatsoever, by any person using the trail.