BFIT 70.3 Triathlon

Dear Triathlete,

Please see below from Peter Gibbs. If you're not racing and would like to volunteer (we need quite a few!) please send your info to Peter indicating that you're available to volunteer, what time and for how long.

Many thanks!

BFIT 70.3 Triathlon on Sunday 17th July 2022 - Dover Course at 10:00AM

If you wish to enter, please send info (see below) to :


  1. First & Last name

  2. Age on 31st Dec. 2022

  3. Gender

  4. Email contact

Teams (two or three persons):

  1. First & Last Name of each team member

  2. Ages on 31st Dec. 2022

  3. Gender of each Team member

  4. Identity of Swimmer, Cyclist, Runner, of Team

  5. Team Name

  6. Email contacts

General Info:

Teams should note that the Tag/Change-over will take place in the middle of the Transition Zone, by the Tent

All Entrants should arrive, on race morning, at least 30 mins before Race Start at 10:00AM. They should sign-in with the Official under the Tent and/or check-in with the Morning Race Director, Kemar Gooding-Edghill. In case you don't know Kemar, he is the big guy you won't want to arm-wrestle!!

Race Numbers will be assigned to all Entrants by Wed. 13th July and sent to you by email. You can body mark yourself before coming to the race on Sunday morning. BFIT will make provision to body mark anyone who forgot, on site.



c/o P.O. Box 31

Barbados Olympic Association

Garfield Sobers Gymnasium & Sports Centre

Wildey, St. Michael, Barbados