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Lidia's Thoughts

April 5, 2020

These are unprecedented times. Our generation and the younger than us living in places where peace and prosperity are the norms has never experienced hardships or never had our freedom taken away, as now by this invisible enemy called SARS-CoV2. 

Humanity has been warned countless times that this was coming, that this was the inevitable consequence of the way the world has evolved in these times of speed and frequency of travel, the interaction amongst nations and their people. The global village was never a more apt metaphor. This enemy does not choose, it does not discriminate, it affects all of us.

Yet, with all the warnings, governments and corporations favoured increasing military spending and shareholder’s profit margins, instead of investing in ways to cushion the blow when such a pandemic came knocking on the door.

Now we are seeing how vulnerable we all are, how helpless, how powerless we can become at the drop of a hat, and those who we chose to take care of our needs in society, to lead us in times like this, seem also powerless in front of such mighty task and are scrambling to find solutions that can mitigate the grim outcome. They also need our support right now, to do what is required of every one of us.

Facing this new reality, we can do our part. We can be sensible and realize that what we will endure is but a small price to pay to learn to care again: care for our fellow human being, care for our planet, care for our wellbeing, care to curb our excesses, care for our dearest, our friends, our neighbours. 

We are here on this difficult journey together. Let’s all remember that.